‘The Blacklist’: Who is the real Tom Keen?

The epic machinations of Red Reddington have been spinning out of control on The Blacklist and after two brutal weeks off, we finally get a new episode tonight. The question on everyone’s mind is, who is Tom Keen? We now know that the sexy/scary husband of FBI Agent Liz Keen is an undercover spy, but we don’t know who he’s working for, what he wants, or how far he’s willing to go to get it. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Ryan Eggold to get some insight on his mysterious character, what we can look forward to tonight, and what the deal is with those amazing glasses he wears.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We haven’t gotten to see you in many scenes with James Spader yet. Will we see more of you two together in the future?
RYAN EGGOLD: They’ve written other scenes between James and I, really game changer-y scenes that I think they put on the shelf because it’s a later thing.

Is it fun to work with him?
It’s great. He’s very supportive and very talented, so it makes it easy. I remember him saying little things like, “I really liked that take,” which just makes you feel great. It’s a nice front row seat to watch Spader do his thing. He’s a serious guy, very professional.

And how is Megan Boone?
We have a lot of fun. We have scenes where we try and make each other laugh. We’re excited to be playing some of the trickier stuff now. At the beginning it was a lot of sipping coffee and “hey babe.” We’re trying to bring the “babe” down.

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