How ‘Redemption’ Will Coexist In ‘The Blacklist’ Universe

While The Blacklist is “a cop show in many ways, this is a spy show,” EP John Eisendrath said about the series’ latest spin.

Redemption follows Ryan Eggold’s operative character Tom Keen as he begins to learn facets about his past, specifically his mother, military intelligence op Susan Hargrave (Famke Janssen), who lost him when he was a toddler.

Essentially, the 15th episode of The Blacklist feeds right into Redemption as NBC will devote a two-hour block to the franchise. “Tom Keen walks from one episode into the next,” says Eisendrath. Redemption will run for eight episodes, then The Blacklist will return. In the future, should there be additional episodes of Redemption, then, yes, there’s a possibility that Red might surface on the spinoff, the creators said. But for now, it was important to establish this story’s footing.

“This is the biggest mission of Keen’s life,” EP Jon Bokenkamp said. “He doesn’t know who his family was; he ‘died’ when he was very young.”

On Redemption, Hargrave also is unaware that Keen is her son. “She’s a complex woman who lost her son at a young age and it informs every part of her being,” Janssen said.
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