Ryan Eggold Declassifies the Secrets of ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’

Fans of “The Blacklist” got a glimpse at new corners of the covert thriller’s expanded world last season, when Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen (or whatever his name actually might be) encountered private mercenary contractor Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen), a formidable, shadowy force in her own right and the woman who may or may not be Tom’s birth mother.

The episode “Alexander Kirk” served as a successful backdoor pilot for the hotly anticipated spinoff series “The Blacklist: Redemption,” which launches on NBC on a still-top-secret date early next year and will unite Tom and Scottie once again as he joins forces with her Grey Matters organization and also delves into the mysteries surrounding his own murky past.

And while much of the direction new series remains as enigmatic as Tom’s origins, Eggold hosted a debriefing session with Moviefone to unveil many of the behind the scenes secrets of the spinoff.

Moviefone: It must be a fun experience for you to see the world of “The Blacklist” get bigger, and to be right at the heart of that expansion. What got you excited about the prospect of doing this?

Ryan Eggold: I will tell you truthfully what excites me about the new show is that we could do a show about espionage, and classically so. I’ve got high hopes for it, and I know [“Blacklist” creator] Jon [Bokenkamp] does as well. And, you know, we want to do a spy show. We want to do a show about Robert Redford in “Three Days of the Condor,” the ’70s flick. We want to do a show that’s Jim Phelps in the ’60s “Mission Impossible” TV show.

We want to do a show that’s like that. We want to do Jason Bourne and those things, but more so than the action, and the fun and all that stuff, which I really want to have because that stuff makes a great show, that classic spy stuff. If we could get into that, then it’s not like we’d be getting into brand-new territory, but we’d getting into a genre that I think hasn’t been really explored so much recently. Or, like the Jack Ryan novels, or just like world. That’d be really fun.

For you, to do that show, and kind of have that distinct identity, what’s the link that still keeps it “The Blacklist”? What’s that element that keeps it firmly in the franchise?

Well, a couple of things. First, the question of Scottie and Tom, whether or not she’s his mother — it comes out at the beginning that she is, and we think that’s the truth, and I think that may end up sticking to be the truth. Of course, it’s “The Blacklist” so it may not be!

But the thing that makes that — “The Blacklist” work, and the thing that this will carry over that I really love is the thematic juxtaposition of discovering one’s humanity and empathy, and connecting with other human beings and wanting relationships, and wanting love and these fundamental human principles, juxtaposed with violence and deception, and corruption and conspiracy, and power and all of that. Those two things meeting together will be, I think, what is the element that crosses over, which is what I like about the show.

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Ryan Eggold reveals hair-raising ‘Blacklist’ secret

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“It’s kind of liberating. I think everyone should do it once,” Eggold announced, running his hand over his bristly crew cut.

Previewing the return of his character, Tom Keen, to “The Blacklist” this week, the actor teased: “There’s a new Tom coming.” But he didn’t give many details. Eggold knows how to keep the many secrets of the show under his hat along with his new crew cut: He doesn’t even tell his parents, who watch the show (and don’t really want spoilers anyway).

But he did have one big reveal to share: Tom Keen is on the infamous blacklist! (For the unitiated, each episode of the series is named after one of the many bad men and women James Spader’s character, Red Reddington, wants to cross off his “blacklist.”)

“I will tell you that Tom Keen is on the blacklist,” Eggold allowed. “I think he’s No. 7.”

This does not bode well.

Source: Today

Ryan Eggold admits he’s old at heart and not great at romance

The hunky star of hit Seven show The Blacklist revealed that while he likes attention from admirers, he’s hardly a lothario on the romance front.

“I am an old man,” he told Confidential. “I go for the quiet. I wouldn’t say I handle attention well, I’d say I stumble over pick-up lines poorly. I’m not good at any of that.”

Eggold, who plays Tom Keen in the series alongside James Spader’s Red, is in Australia for a few days, attending Melbourne Cup at Flemington on Tuesday and now in Sydney.

While he is on Twitter, Eggold admitted to not being one for technology.

“I’m not equipped for the social media thing,” said Eggold, also known for his work on the hit US series, 90210. “I’ve been a 90-year-old man since I was 12-years-old. I’m not good with it but I try to stay at least somewhat involved.”

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Megan Boone and Ryan Eggold talk ‘The Blacklist’ in Toronto

In Toronto on Wednesday for the Shaw Media UpFront presentation to advertisers, Boone and Eggold sat down with Global News to talk about season one and what might be ahead.

Did you know from the beginning that Tom wasn’t who he appeared to be?

Megan Boone: I knew about the Tom reveal and that made it a very unique experience because when you know all along what’s coming you have to play against that a little bit.

Ryan Eggold: There were different incarnations of Tom. I knew there was something coming and then as the season went on it sort of took shape and was constantly shifting in a great way.

Do you think Tom really wanted to have a baby with Liz or was it only part of his cover?

RE: That’s a great question that I haven’t thought about. There’s two possibilities. One is that he only wanted it as a manipulation to keep her closer, to make their bond tighter. The other thing is that he genuinely wanted it. Both of which are interesting.

MB: It was his job, like he said in one of the episodes. His job was to make Liz feel like everything was OK, everything was going fine. She built a life and he was very cognizant of what kind of life she wanted to build so he catered to that in every way possible.
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